For Attorneys

Contract Legal Work for Maine Attorneys

In addition to Ociepka & Burnett’s practice providing direct representation to clients with a wide variety of legal issues, we also devote a significant part of our practice to contract legal work for other firms and attorneys throughout Maine. We have worked with everyone from solo practitioners and small firms to some of the largest firms in Maine, providing legal research and writing work on an independent contractor basis.

Examples of some of the work we have performed include appellate briefs, summary judgment motions, expert motions (including Daubert issues), motions to dismiss and for judgment on the pleadings, post-judgment motions, and memorandums on discrete legal issues.

Our contract work is performed at an hourly rate below standard market rates for attorneys, saving both attorneys and their clients time and money.

Please contact us today if there is a project that we can assist you with. We are happy to provide references.